Just rest

I have started no less than six blog posts in the past few days and I have yet to finish any of them.  The topics are all highly interesting to me, and I’ve already researched a couple of them and found relevant articles and studies.  Still, I keep coming up with more topics instead of finishing any of the articles I have started.

Have you been there?  What did you do to move past it?  I’m wondering if it isn’t a form of writer’s block, or perhaps just a sign of my current physical and mental state.  I have not felt well for a few days, though none of my symptoms have worsened to the point of warranting a doctor’s visit.  I am also in a transitional period, having just moved a couple hundred miles away two weeks ago.  I have been busy with unpacking, organizing, and spring yard clean-up.  I have done a lot of Rest 1rigorous physical work, and it makes sense that I would be rather fatigued, which could explain my not feeling well.  I suppose I should be giving myself a break, but I’ve never been good at that.  My mind is a strict taskmaster.

So, I continue to accumulate half-written articles about a variety of topics and hope that I will finish them sometime soon.  Meanwhile, I’m catching up on my fellow bloggers’ articles, and reading pieces shared by friends on social media.  I find myself vacillating between outrage and empathy, strong emotions that social media seems designed to evoke.  It’s great fodder for article ideas, but what I really need is to rest.

I don’t do “rest” well.  That is likely the real problem.  Maybe I’ll listen to an audio book or take a nap, give myself a break from the compulsion to always be doing something.  I’m not up to a walk, though the sunshine looks inviting.  The ideas of just being in the moment and being kind to yourself do not come easy to me.  But practice makes better!

Have a rest yourself, maybe.  You deserve it.

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