Anxiety Is.

Anxiety is a normal part of coping in difficult situations, but when it outlasts the crisis, it becomes a problem of its own. Does this vignette sound familiar?


1L Over 50: Digging In

I have rarely been in a room with so many bright and academically accomplished folks as I have in these first eight weeks of law school.  I may be at the extreme high end of the age spectrum among my classmates, but I am nowhere near the high end of the intelligence spectrum.  Don’t get…

“He doesn’t bite” and other excuses

Let’s review the purpose of a dog leash, shall we?  A leash is a device used to tether a dog to its human supervisor.  Why do we tether the dogs to their humans?  Well, so that the dog will not run across the yard or down the street in pursuit of another animal or human,…

On being cagey

It’s been a really good year. I’m really done with it.


To live more authentically, there were a lot of layers of paint that had to be removed.

Legislating Morality

Laws are only effective if people agree to follow them.  Take for instance the ordinances that exist across the country regarding traffic laws.  Staying to the right of the solid white and yellow lines, stopping at traffic lights, driving within posted speed limits, yielding right of way to pedestrians, and so on, are laws that…

A New Year, an Authentic You

It’s dreamy stuff, but neither of us know where we will be living in 6 months. Neither of us cares, either. #NoFear

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