On being cagey

It’s been a really good year. I’m really done with it.


To live more authentically, there were a lot of layers of paint that had to be removed.

Too Legit

So I’ve been dealing with this teensy weensy anger issue lately.  Oh, I’ve always had a hothead lurking behind my smile, and some of you have met her.   But this, this is different.  This is big, overwhelming anger.  This is anger at the ignorance that allows inequality to reign and injustice to prevail.  I’m…

Why Money Bail Systems are Unfair

This is just a quick post for those interested in knowing why our current cash bail system in the U.S. is problematic with links to many resources.

Legislating Morality

Laws are only effective if people agree to follow them.  Take for instance the ordinances that exist across the country regarding traffic laws.  Staying to the right of the solid white and yellow lines, stopping at traffic lights, driving within posted speed limits, yielding right of way to pedestrians, and so on, are laws that…

A New Year, an Authentic You

It’s dreamy stuff, but neither of us know where we will be living in 6 months. Neither of us cares, either. #NoFear

A Latent Hippie Examines Normal

Do not become a slave to your stuff or to someone else’s dream for you. I’ve been there and I can tell you that you aren’t missing anything by traveling light in this world. You will see more of it than those who are bogged down by stuff and imagined obligations.

Welcome to my new site!

I might ramble on about things I’m passionate about, so have a look around if you’re a thinker like me, and leave me a comment so we can have a discussion. Welcome!