Just pass the (gluten-free chocolate chip) cookies

I’ve been trying to put together a cookbook.  It seemed like an appropriate swan song from my decade of running a kitchen store and teaching cooking classes, but it has turned out to be not so easy.  Health problems and the related medically-directed dietary solutions radically altered how I cook and, frankly, took the wind…

I am not my body

How does this way of identifying people by their appearance reinforce the thinking that our bodies define us more than our character?  What are the costs to our well being?


If you need to bully people or point out their every mistake because you derive some pleasure from it, you are no friend of mine.

The USPS: Sweet Deal or Money Pit?

The USPS has been operating at a deficit for decades. Maybe its time to mothball it in favor of letting existing private sector alternatives have the remaining market share.

Building Flavor and Texture

Learning to build flavors and textures that compliment each other requires tasting and experience. Here’s a great way to practice!

Toxic is a substance, not a person

Labeling someone else – or your relationship with them – as toxic is not a healthy perspective.  It dehumanizes the other person. 

On Becoming:  Stuff Does Not Define Me

These messages have been so effective that we are veritable shopping machines, with packed garages and basements, and a burgeoning multi-billion-dollar personal storage industry as evidence.

Just rest

I don’t do “rest” well. How about you?

Forgiveness, Part 2:  Take Back Your Power

They say that resentment is like drinking the poison and waiting for someone else to die, and that forgiveness is a ceasing to hurt yourself. Well, I say fuck that. You do not owe them a thing.