I am not my body

How does this way of identifying people by their appearance reinforce the thinking that our bodies define us more than our character?  What are the costs to our well being?

Toxic is a substance, not a person

Labeling someone else – or your relationship with them – as toxic is not a healthy perspective.  It dehumanizes the other person. 

Just rest

I don’t do “rest” well. How about you?

Forgiveness, Part 2:  Take Back Your Power

They say that resentment is like drinking the poison and waiting for someone else to die, and that forgiveness is a ceasing to hurt yourself. Well, I say fuck that. You do not owe them a thing. 

Forgiveness, Part 1: Mothers and Children

Every once in a while, I encounter a book, a movie, or a poem that really speaks to me, so much so that I will re-read or re-watch it many times over.  There is one movie that I’ve watched so many times that I can practically recite the whole script, and that’s saying a lot…

Believe them

When your gut says “get the fuck out,” listen to it.  Ain’t nothin’ good gonna come from taking that crap. 

Washing the lettuce

How do you do that when you feel defeated, when life has thrown you a curve ball, when you feel like you can’t go on? You start small.  One foot in front of the other.  You wash the lettuce.

Save yourself

Please find a way to show yourself some love today, if only for a few minutes.  You deserve it.

Don’t look away

When witnessing pain, our inclination is to look away. But the greatest gift we can give another human being is to attend to them when they are hurting.

The New Normal: Chronic Aloneness

Over 12 million older adults living alone in the United States, and 69% of them are women. The distance between happily and unhappily alone is short; you can make the difference with a tiny bit of your time.