Believe them

When your gut says “get the fuck out,” listen to it.  Ain’t nothin’ good gonna come from taking that crap. 

“Bad Sex” and Rape Culture

Rape is not sex, it’s not even “bad sex.”  Rape is about dominance, control, and violence. The nuances of rape culture and victim-blaming are so deeply embedded in our culture that we often don’t recognize them

Veterans: The final sacrifice is our dignity at the hands of the VA

Being kind to sick people – regardless of whether you think their sickness is legitimate or not – is your job.  Helping them find solutions is your job.  Helping to relieve suffering is your job.  If you are a doctor or nurse or technician in the health sciences and have a bad attitude, please get the fuck out. 

Pushing back

Push back, my lovelies. Be brave. The time is always upon us.

Why Money Bail Systems are Unfair

This is just a quick post for those interested in knowing why our current cash bail system in the U.S. is problematic with links to many resources.

Legislating Morality

Laws are only effective if people agree to follow them.  Take for instance the ordinances that exist across the country regarding traffic laws.  Staying to the right of the solid white and yellow lines, stopping at traffic lights, driving within posted speed limits, yielding right of way to pedestrians, and so on, are laws that…