Veterans: The final sacrifice is our dignity at the hands of the VA

Being kind to sick people – regardless of whether you think their sickness is legitimate or not – is your job.  Helping them find solutions is your job.  Helping to relieve suffering is your job.  If you are a doctor or nurse or technician in the health sciences and have a bad attitude, please get the fuck out. 


A word on Veterans and “free” healthcare

Veterans don’t receive free healthcare, they earned it. They deserve better than what they are getting from the VA.

Backing In

Control is perhaps the greatest of human paradoxes. It is an illusion and yet we crave it. We invent explanations for our circumstances rather than face our powerlessness. Backing in provides the best possible view, and that’s powerful.

Anxiety Is.

Anxiety is a normal part of coping in difficult situations, but when it outlasts the crisis, it becomes a problem of its own. Does this vignette sound familiar?

Pushing back

Push back, my lovelies. Be brave. The time is always upon us.

“He doesn’t bite” and other excuses

Let’s review the purpose of a dog leash, shall we?  A leash is a device used to tether a dog to its human supervisor.  Why do we tether the dogs to their humans?  Well, so that the dog will not run across the yard or down the street in pursuit of another animal or human,…

On being cagey

It’s been a really good year. I’m really done with it.


To live more authentically, there were a lot of layers of paint that had to be removed.

Why Money Bail Systems are Unfair

This is just a quick post for those interested in knowing why our current cash bail system in the U.S. is problematic with links to many resources.